Why I’m Treating Myself this Valentine’s Day with a Unique Wood Watch

You’ll remember that last year I gifted my boyfriend Frank with a beautiful wood watch from JORD. He wears his almost every day and while I’m not the jealous type, it got me thinking–maybe I need one of my own. And my friends at JORD were like “Heck yes you do!” And I was like, “Duh! What have I been doing!?” So they sent me one to write about and now I have my very own walnut and vintage rose watch. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Keep reading to find out how you can win a $100 gift card to Jord!

Ok, that’s the short version, here’s the slightly more accurate version…

Before this wood watch, I had never given myself anything for Valentine’s Day. Sure, I buy a ton of chocolate and conversation hearts every year (don’t come for me, conversation hearts are delicious) but I never sat down and thought, “How can I show MYSELF love this year?” It was always about sharing love with my boyfriends, friends, family… I even make Valentine’s Day cards for my co-workers! I never made it about myself which is just crazy! Shouldn’t I be number one in my own life? (Shouldn’t YOU be number one in YOUR life too?)

So, I sat down to think about how I could really show myself love this year. And I thought about time and how awesome it would be if I could give myself the gift of time. More hours each day to do more, see more, and be more. Since hours are not purchasable I went with the next best thing — a wood watch. The thing is, I am typically running ten minutes late at all times and I swear that’s because once I flip my phone over to check the time, I have a MILLION messages to respond to (I am not really that popular, but I really do exaggerate). I hate having to check my phone for the time while I am in important meetings or when my phone is buried in my purse…

Clearly, a watch was perfect! I needed one and it was going to make my life easier and better. It took some time, but I selected the walnut and vintage rose Cassia ladies wood watch. I picked it because most of my jewelry is gold or rose gold, and the band was slender. I have super tiny wrists! (Also super fun fact about Jord wood watches: they can custom size the band to YOUR wrist. I absolutely took them up on this, and now my watch doesn’t slide around or slip off.)


The Cassia style wood watch in walnut and rose gold was a beautiful choice, as it complements many of my outfits but also adds a little extra pizzazz too. (I’ve shared a few photos throughout this piece showing all the different ways I’ve styled the watch!) The craftsmanship of these watches always blows me away. Frank’s still looks brand new a year later, so I know mine will last too. 🙂

Jord wood watches are the perfect gift for anyone but this year I think you get a little selfish and give yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day. And good news! I’m hosting a giveaway for $100 toward any Jord Watch! All you have to do is CLICK HERE to enter! All entrants get a 10% gift code.

So treat yourself because you know how that saying goes… if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?

Real live photo of me loving myself in a Jord watch.





Holiday Gift Guide – Illustrated Clothing & Accessories – Cherry & Mint

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 2.40.13 PM

I came across Zoey’s @CherryandMint Instagram feed one rainy day. I was tired and crabby and her page and designs just lit me up. I had also just recently read a long NYMag article about the history of Memphis design and Zoey’s designs are truly the next iteration of it. What’s Memphis? Think squiggles, think bright colors, think Terrazzo flooring.

Zoey takes this iconic 80s pattern and applies it to incredibly trendy clothing and accessories. Everything is nostalgic but nothing is dated. The quality and love she puts into every design shows and her energy and engagement on IG makes her one of my favorite accounts to follow.

Also, I have great news. Zoey gave me an exclusive discount code just for my readers. She doesn’t do these often, so it is a great chance to get an amazing piece at a steal price. I’ve selected my favorites below and since I’ve been working so hard on everyone else’s gifts I’d like to treat myself! Go ahead and pick one for you and then shoot me a note on what I should get myself. I’ll be waiting!





Holiday Gift Guide – Handmade Jewelry in NYC – The Roving

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.18.52 PM
Kaitlyn Usher of The Roving

As promised I am posting spotlights on some of my favorite brands that I featured in my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. The gift guide features all female entrepreneurs and their products, some are well-established and others are just getting started on their journey.

I met Kaitlyn Usher through Instagram. It was sort of like online dating except we liked each other’s stuff for a year before I bought something from her site and then liked stuff for another 6 months before I invited her out to a dinner for women I host once a quarter. I clearly have no chill. But I was obsessed with how she ran her company, The Roving. (And still am, thus why she had to be in the Holiday Gift Guide.)

Her obvious joy for what she does, her authenticity in each and every IG comment, and the quality and detail of her work drew me in fast. Her feed is perfectly curated (something we know I struggle with) and her jewelry is absolutely unique. Kaitlyn stays away from obvious trends that flood fast fashion stores, and sticks to clean lines. But those clean lines have edge! She uses hards metals, chains, stones you’d want to tile your apartment with, and bright neon beads. They are a grown-up way to say “I’m a little wild” without going off the deep end.

I featured the pair of earrings I bought from her in the Holiday Gift Guide but then she went ahead and released a whole bunch of new stuff and I am just sitting around trying to decide what to buy! Really!  3 of my favorite items from her newest batch are below, hover over to see cost and description and let me know which one you think I should get and I will! I am really into the yellow ones. (Yellow is my favorite color!)

And let me know if you purchase something from Kaitlyn due to my guide. I’d love to know what you buy and see you wearing it.

DECEMBER 16th is final ship day for items from The Roving. It is also her FREE SHIPPING DAY! Hop on that deal!



2017 Cheap Courage Holiday Gift Guide


Two weeks ago I had this rather crazy idea. I like buying my holiday gifts from local shops, and I LOVE buying from woman owned shops, but I obviously can’t financially support all of them. So, light bulb moment, I decided I could support them by promoting what they do best on my blog. I have this platform and I should be using it to support others in turn.

As a result I am bringing you my first ever (kind of scaring me to death) Holiday Gift Guide! I worked hard to not only gather some really neat products (some well-established brands as well as some ladies just starting out) but to put together a good looking book for all of you!

Please note, I am not a designer and I’ve been panicking about the look and feel of this for days! But this is Cheap Courage, and this is where you do the thing that scares you. 

And believe it or not… this little guide scares me! Is it enough? Will the brands like it? Will people enjoy? These are the thoughts I’ve had along the away but I am pushing them all aside to share with you some really beautiful stuff you can buy this holiday season and feel proud that you’re giving a) Something totally unique and b) supporting a female entrepreneur.

I’ve started small this year but I intend to branch out next year, give myself more time, and double the amount of shops next year. And also, probably hire someone to help design it (lol).

I’ve linked it throughout this post but to download your FREE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE CLICK HERE. 

I will also be featuring some of the brands in individual blog posts from now until Christmas. Keep an eye out!


Weird & Different Books for Mother’s Day Reading

Mother’s Day is here!

Make sure you are calling your moms, making plans, sending gifts, and taking them OUT to eat. No one makes a good breakfast in bed and let’s face, it’s getting kind of old. To celebrate, I’ve picked out 5 books about moms and motherhood you should definitely be adding to your bookshelves this month. They’re DEFINITELY not your usual suspects, so be prepared to get weird. I also never want to suggest things that I don’t know for a FACT are great, so all of these suggestions are books that I’ve actually read and finished in the past year and a half.

mother nuts

1. My Mother Was Nuts by Penny Marshall

Better known as Laverne of Laverne and Shirley, Penny Marshall gives us her life story from childhood to mommyhood to famehood. Those aren’t words but you catch my drift. And yes, that order is correct: Marshall had her daughter before she became famous. She’s like the 70’s version of Sofia Vergara. And obviously, as the book’s title suggests, she doesn’t just reflect on being a mother but on being a daughter as well to am ambitious mother in the Bronx. If you are a woman interested in TV and movies or a working mother who feels a little out of whack most of the time. Here is your read.


2. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

We’re taking a dark turn here. Flynn is perhaps best known for Gone Girl, which unless you live under a rock, you know was made into a film last year. Great news! Dark Places is also going to be a film starring Charlize Theron so basically, Gillian Flynn is kicking ass lately. Dark Places was published before Gone Girl and follows the story of Libby Day. A Kansas woman who, at 7 years old, survived the murders of her mother and two sisters …and then testified that her older brother did it. Just like Gone Girl, the story flips point of view, and we hear from Libby, her brother Ben, and their mother. I found myself fascinated with their three distinct views on motherhood among the insanity of this story. Read it before the movie comes out and get crazy!


3. To Marry an English Lord – Gail McColl and Carol McD Wallace

It’s good to read all sorts of stuff, for your brain and whatever. So I’m tossing in this one. It’s a non-fiction, research book that was published at the height of Downton Abbey craziness (is it just me or that show losing steam?) The book takes us through the marrying phenomenon that swept the US in the late 1800s: marrying English Lords for titles. In short, American heiresses had money and Englishmen had titles. It was a swap. Money for titles and titles for money. They delve deep into the process and how mothers played an integral role in finding the proper suitor for their daughters. This includes taking season long trips overseas with their daughters to “court” and overseeing their extreme wardrobes. Be intrigued.


4. I’d Know You Anywhere – Laura Lipmann

Back to creepsville. Lippman’s novel is about a young mother who is trying to escape her disturbing past. When she was a girl, she was the only survivor of a series of kidnappings and murders. The book finds her now grown, but receiving letters from her former captor. Her family doesn’t know about her past and she gets desperate to keep it a secret. Skeletons in the closet! I repeat, skeletons in the closet! Plus, Stephen King liked it… so there’s that.


5. Room – Emma Donahgue

Room was a huge hit when it came out because, without any spoilers, the story is told from the point of view of a child. Open, honest, but still incredibly detailed, Room takes you on a disturbing and emotional ride through what it is like to be both a mother with few choices, and a son who knows very little about how big the world is. I read this one in like, 2 days. This is a “can’t put it down” type of book.

Let me know if and when you read any of these or if you gift your mom with one of the creepy ones. Dying to hear how you and Mom like them!