Self-Care for People Who Hate Self-Care

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In my last blog post I wrote about being nicer to myself and enjoying all the events and chaos I faced during the month of April. I tend to get worried that I am not “doing enough” or getting “stuff” done when in reality, I am doing quite a bit. Sometimes, it’s just not what I’d rather be doing; that’s ok because life happens and we cope. During and after that post I took some time to figure out what this super trendy thing called self-care meant to me. In a past life I would have found this kind of stuff sort of… *eye roll inducing** but I am totally into it now!

So if you’be been confused about (or a hater of) what self-care means too, join me, I am about to walk you through it!


Self-care isn’t just pampering… (though it could be).  Self-care doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money and self-care isn’t about being selfish. It isn’t about being lazy and it’s not about being self-centered.



Self-care is all about giving yourself what you need. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to start ignoring the people you love, but maybe instead taking a night to enjoy your own company. It doesn’t mean blowing through your budget to buy a new leather jacket, but maybe instead finally going to the tailor to hem a pair of pants you bought months ago. Self-care isn’t letting dishes pile up for days and spilling milk and leaving it to spoil. It’s picking one day to relax and one day to tidy. It’s being kind to your time.


I took some time to just sit and think about what a) makes me happy but also b) what I need. Now what I need changes on a daily-weekly-monthly basis, but this is a good look at what I needed in April and what I need this spring.

…A manicure
…A weekend to myself, time to be filled however I choose
…To say no
…A cheeseburger
…A bath
…To skip a workout (or two or three)
…Organize my budget again


Take time to explore what you need and what you aren’t giving yourself. Here are some starters!

…Take a long walk without your phone
…Call your mom
…Clean out your bathroom cabinet
…Take a nap
…Watch Keeping up with the Kardashians #guiltypleasuremuch
…Organize the papers on your desk
…Read a magazine
…Read about something you don’t usually read about (science, sports, fashion)
…Take a free class online
…Buy some new tea and a new mug
…Bake something fabulous
…Have a burger and beer and don’t schedule an extra workout to “burn it off”
…Write a motivational note on your mirror
…Stop answering work e-mails after 7pm

The options for self-care are limitless and you don’t need a ton of money, or a really stunning Instagram feed, or lots of extra free days to start taking care of yourself. You can start today! Small things, even stopping to NOTICE the city around you, are the key here. Take care of yourself! You’re the only you we have!

(I sound so glowingly optimistic here… must be all the self-care.)

How do you perform self-care? What else can I add to my list?



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