Check Your Privilege, Check it Often

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

It was really hard for me to write something this week. Given Charlottesville and the comments made by the president last week. It felt like anything I had to say was void.  I tried writing about it, but everything I wrote reeked of privilege. So I gave up on trying to process and feel. And instead I have leaned into getting white people educated on privilege and how it directly affects everything going on. At least there is action tied to it.

The best I could do for this week’s blog specifically, was decide to share a syllabus called “Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves” (CLICK IT) put together by several black activists that has been circulating the internet. (Shout out to my friend Hannah for sharing this with me.) If you are feeling lost or under educated on key racial issues, I implore you to peruse this list, find something of interest, and read it. 

I have been lucky enough to attend schools that put me in mixed classrooms of students from around the world and have given me friends who check my privilege and who allow me to learn (albeit in a messy way) about what it is and what it means. I understand that not everyone has a diverse friend group. Not everyone is supported enough to explore. Not everyone can attend good schools. And yes, not everyone can read at a college level.

But you can all try.

You can all make a CONSCIOUS effort to do better and be better by reaching out, reading, and learning. Being uncomfortable is part of understanding your privilege, and avoiding that process makes you compliant to how this country is run. It says “I’m okay with the way America is and has been.” We cannot change America without changing ourselves. Read. Expand your mind. Ask questions.

I am but a novice at understanding my privilege (and I’ve been doing it consciously for probably 10 years or more) but I am always here to discuss. Shoot me a note! And similarly, send me links to more articles like these. Show me where to donate my money. Send me to places to volunteer. Let’s actually try today.







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