Subscription Review: BootayBag

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For awhile I’ve been considering a new feature for the blog in which I review all of the subscription programs I have tried. And I’ve tried a lot. (I know, this is probably some diagnose-able problem.) I fall in love with some of the subscriptions I try and others I quit almost immediately. While this blog revolves around solving life’s most ridiculously taxing problems, and I tend to steer away from the commercial, I do think it’s worthwhile if I review the subscription programs and boxes that genuinely work for me. Because let’s face it, everything should be easier in life. Including how you get your stuff.

So to kick off my new series I am reviewing the November BootayBag offering. You’ve probably seen me post about BootayBag on my Instagram before and that’s because I genuinely love their underwear and the extra donations they make to the melanoma foundation for their hashtag: #undermatters.

Let’s get down to business.

  1. How does it work? Every month BootayBag charges your account for $12 on the 15th. Then your product is shipped to you. You get a notice each step of the way. Within a week (for US residents) your package arrives.
  2. How’s the quality? I wouldn’t be so amped for this if the quality of underwear wasn’t spectacular. The November bag is my 3rd BootayBag and the quality is on-point each and every time. The panties are soft and gentle but also durable. They are a dream to wear. The colors AND lace pattern styles change every month so you don’t need to worry about repeats.
  3. Why else do I love it? Honestly, I got fed up with Victoria’s Secret, my old go-to for underwear. The quality isn’t all that great and the color choices in the PINK line (which has my favorite cuts) are never mature. They make me feel like a kid, not a woman. BootayBag’s underwear comes in colors for WOMEN and they have playful cuts. You can also choose to have your subscription include Thong, Never Thong, or a mix, so you’re getting what’s right for you.

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The November bag specifically is so CUTE! I received a hot red pair with a cute lace design and a keyhole back and a white pair with mesh-like siding. Again, this is my 3rd bag and the first time I’ve had either of these colors or styles. No repeats!

For $12 a month it’s really a steal. US citizens don’t pay shipping and you ALWAYS receive 2 pairs. I enjoy the idea of being able to get brand new undies each and every month without having to go out of my way to the store and figure it out. I’m a busy lady!

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Note: I received the November bag complimentary. 


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