Call for Courage Challenge — Try Meditation


I know what you’re all thinking. First the mushroom herb tea and now meditation? Has Amanda gone completely woowoo nuts on us? The answer is, yes a little bit, but I’m hoping what that means for you is that you can trust me more because all of this stuff is new to me too.

As you know I started the Call for Courage Challenge this year, posing a new challenge for my readers every month. Whether that’s sharing your weird talents with the world, or reaching out to someone, we’re pushing to be our best selves every day.

This March I want you to try meditation. Why? Because on the most basic level we all need time to empty our minds and relax the brain waves. Have you ever noticed how you do your best thinking in the shower? That’s because you’re focusing on something simple – scrubbing your skin – and allowing your mind to relax for a moment. The same thing can happen when you’re coloring or knitting or running. By giving your thinking mind a break you’re freeing up space to be CREATIVE, ENERGETIC, LOVING, and OPEN.

Meditation can seem really daunting at first. I was afraid of it at first like I was afraid of yoga. The source of my fear is the same with both… I was afraid to be alone with my thoughts, afraid to pause, and afraid to be still. In today’s world when we never have to be alone, the prospect of it can be so scary. This is something you can ease into. If you need to keep your hands busy pick up a coloring book. If you need guidance, download an app to help you. Or start how I did: breathing deep a couple of minutes at a time with your eyes closed. That’s it. I focused on breathing in and out and nothing else.

I know it sounds crazy but I always feel better immediately after a meditate, and in general, it’s made me a calmer person. I can tackle all I have to do by taking a break each day just to let my mind rest.

So there you have it. Give meditation a whirl and let me know what you think. I’m dying to know!



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