I Wrote a Book! ‘Night Bodies’ is available now!

My debut collection of poetry is available on Amazon!

Ok, so wow. I finally did it. I finally wrote a book. I’ve been working on this book for well over a year (maybe even two…) and I’ve been dreaming of publishing for even longer than that. I still can’t even believe that my words exist out in the world and people are paying money to read them!

I decided to self-publish the book in the end. Part of me got impatient submitting to contest after contest in a field that tends to favor a literary community very different than my own. (Read: Graduate School) Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I actually still think about going back to school from time to time to really have the space I need to write what I want. But I am not there yet and I like the rougher quality of my work right now. The intention is to bridge the gap between those “literary types” and the every day reader.

Thanks to Sarah Messer for this snap!

Now that the book is out in the world I need to reorganize my new priorities and goals. I need to focus on marketing and readings and getting this baby further out in the world. I’ve been slacking on this a bit because I am just so damn happy the book is out. But I know this honeymoon period shouldn’t last forever– I need to go to uncomfortable places and sell this thing.

I am in a pretty intense wedding season right now, so as soon as that quiets down I should be able to focus again and put in some real work on selling this book and finishing the next (!).

If you haven’t picked it up yet my book is available on paperback and in an e-book on Amazon!



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