Letting Go of All the Versions of Me to Reveal… Me

I spent a majority of my life trying to be several different people, all at once. It maybe all started with what I call a success-hybrid I created as a kid. Someone would ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And I'd say, "A doctor-writer-veterinarian." As I got older I adored …

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Essay: Sad French Movies

Publicly sharing my non-fiction is literally what my nightmares are made up of. But in my constant fight to open myself to new possibilities and to grow as a writer I have to actually let me writing be read. I am starting a writing class next week on Narrative, taught by one of my favorite …

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Ten Reoccurring Times I’ve Disappointed My Mother

Ten Reoccurring Times I've Disappointed My Mother (Ranked by the length of time she holds out the last syllable of my name.) 10. I Haven't Booked My Tickets Home for a Wedding Yet Syllable Count: Amandaaa 9. I Haven't Figured Out Those Medical Bills Yet Syllable Count: Amandaaaa 8. I Forgot to Call My Grandpa On His Birthday …

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