Create Cultivate NYC Conference Review

Is the Create Cultivate conference even worth it? Will I be able to attend this thing alone and not be miserable? These questions, plus about 100 others were floating through my head the day I bought my Create Cultivate NYC Conference ticket. I was planning on going alone and I was totally terrified. I don't …

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Essay: Sad French Movies

Publicly sharing my non-fiction is literally what my nightmares are made up of. But in my constant fight to open myself to new possibilities and to grow as a writer I have to actually let me writing be read. I am starting a writing class next week on Narrative, taught by one of my favorite …

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Create a New Story & Live It

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about meditation, mantras, and visualizing goals. I keep reading about mental blocks and holding yourself back from the things that you want and the things you deserve because of patterned thoughts and “stories”-- the things we tell ourselves to keep us from going for something. We tell …

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