My Experience with Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner from Formulate

Just when I was starting to get stressed out about finding a new hair care routine, Formulate stepped in to help a girl. I don’t know how they knew I was struggling, but it was like the clouds parting and the sun coming out when they knocked on my door (ok, sent me an e-mail) about their Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner.

That’s right. Personalized! They took my unique hair worries–which can basically be summed up as aging– and engineered a custom product for me. Oh and I got to pick my own fragrance too!


Why I Needed It

My hair was in rough shape. I haven’t colored it in over a year but still I was seeing a ton of breakage. My hair was so dry– I wanted to give it the hair equivalent to Gatorade but as you know that doesn’t really exist. I had terrible frizz! The worst part is that I love to let my hair air-dry. It’s the only way my waves look right (not to mention natural) but air-drying let my frizz take the spotlight. I would look in the mirror and be disappointed that at 31, it looked like I didn’t know how to take care of myself. Enter Formulate’s team and their handy-dandy questionnaire.

Here’s how they do it…

Once you sign-up with your e-mail you’re given a detailed questionnaire right on the website about your hair and scalp. They ask everything. From how often you wash your hair to the climate you live in. I didn’t know there were so many factors affecting the quality of my hair. I truly just thought I was getting old and I was going to have split ends forever.

There’s also a portion of the questionnaire that asks about your hair concerns. I had a lot. I was more upset about my hair than I even knew! By the way, my Formulate profile is public so you guys can go see all the gritty details. And you can also enter my giveaway for your OWN CUSTOMIZED SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER for free! Here’s a look at all of my concerns:

I have a lot of goals in general, but this is crazy!

I put this and WAY more into the Formulate system, and then waited for their team to do their magic and send me my customized shampoo and conditioner. Which was a breeze by the way! From beginning to end the process is super simple. Just because it’s customized does NOT mean the process is painful.

What I Received…

Unboxing day was super exciting. I was ready to get started and the bottles were SO cute. They looked amazing against the subway tile in my shower and the pump tops are super handy. I haven’t had a pump top shampoo and conditioner in ages and I forgot just how luxurious it can be. (Seriously!)

And! Remember how I told you that all Formulate customer’s get to select their own scent? I was eagerly awaiting mine to make sure I picked right. I went a little risky and selected Green with Envy, the green tea scent. I love it! It’s invigorating but also a little dreamy. Just like a good Matcha latte.

After 3 Weeks!

How it felt…

Next it was time to dive in and start using my new product. Make sure you follow their directions when using your new product. Especially the second lather. It’s really not a ploy to use more product. The second lather feels amazing during and after you rinse it out. This is especially true if you’ve never used a product like this (it’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA), the sulfate-free part can make your hair freak out at first a little.

And what you came for… results!

I shared my before and after photo at the top of this post because, hey at the end of the day you aren’t here to understand how much I love green tea, you’re here to know whether a product works or not!

While I still think my hair is a little frizzy (wavy hair problems) I have seen a significant decrease in frizz. The most obvious change and the thing I am most excited about is how much STRONGER my hair is. When I run my hands through it, it no longer feels thirsty or crispy. It feels strong and smooth and like I could grow it Rapunzel length and lift grown men with it. I also think it helped my hair grow faster. I have a short hair cut and any change is significant but I noticed the difference in my IG stories about the Formulate program. My hair got LONG in 5 weeks! Probably because it wasn’t snapping off at the root anymore.

Get your own Formulate…

As I said earlier, you can get in on the Formulate action with my giveaway! One lucky US resident will receive their own customized shampoo and conditioner for free! To enter visit my profile page and follow the directions. Good luck!

Two days after washing is when my hair looks so AMAZING!


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