Create Cultivate NYC Conference Review

Is the Create Cultivate conference even worth it? Will I be able to attend this thing alone and not be miserable? These questions, plus about 100 others were floating through my head the day I bought my Create Cultivate NYC Conference ticket. I was planning on going alone and I was totally terrified. I don't …

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Holiday Gift Guide – Illustrated Clothing & Accessories – Cherry & Mint

I came across Zoey's @CherryandMint Instagram feed one rainy day. I was tired and crabby and her page and designs just lit me up. I had also just recently read a long NYMag article about the history of Memphis design and Zoey's designs are truly the next iteration of it. What's Memphis? Think squiggles, think …

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#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day– TODAY

Today is International Women's Day. A day I have always considered, but never taken any real action to get involved--not because I felt particularly safe or beyond the glass ceiling, but because I relied on other women to fight my battles for me. It seemed easier to let "them" do it, so I could focus on …

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