#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day– TODAY


Today is International Women’s Day. A day I have always considered, but never taken any real action to get involved–not because I felt particularly safe or beyond the glass ceiling, but because I relied on other women to fight my battles for me. It seemed easier to let “them” do it, so I could focus on my regular day-to-day life. My blinders were ripped off with this last election. Now it is impossible to avoid how so many of my fellow Americans truly feel about the causes I so deeply care about–racial equality, gender parity, and poverty.

But because I am awake now, more so than I have been in years, I can use my tiny platform (hey Blogosphere) to share what IWD is all about and how you can get involved even in the simplest of ways.

1. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange
Which I find extremely apropos to my current situation and I am sure how many women are feeling. For years I didn’t feel the need to “be bold”, to march, to donate, to actively say in conversations at work, at play, on dates, that I am a Feminist. Now I find myself saying it daily, and for me, that’s bold.

This year’s theme is all about being active, not passive. IWD is asking YOU to take a pledge to do one of the following:

Challenge bias and inequality
Campaign against violence
Forge women’s advancement
Celebrate women’s achievement
Champion women’s education

It’s easy to say: “I want to do it all” but selecting one category ensures that you make a real impact, not a scattered attempt. Select your category and then be bold enough to share what steps you’ll take to stay true to your pledge. You can do all that here: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/BeBold

2. My #BeBoldForChange is challenging bias and inequality.
This is something I already do often BUT I could be more consistent and specific. I will actively become a champion for equality in the workplace and will point out bias, gendered language, and challenge stereotypes. I will encourage my female co-workers to do the same and coach them through it (it’s this piece that I tend not to follow through on).

3. Spread the Word
It’s really that easy. Use the hashtag on social media. Bring up IWD in a conversation today. Explain to male coworker why IWD is so important and encourage him to be bold in his choices. Celebrate the achievements of women you admire from RBG to your best friend. What women do you know that are making strides? Tell the world!

4. Give
Donate to a charity that backs a cause you care about. IWD donations are going to WAGGGS again. What is WAGGGS? Click here. Or pick another amazing charity that fighting for equality, educating women and girls, or working to end violence against women.

It’s really that easy to be involved and makes me wonder why in the past I let this day slip by without even so much as re-tweeting a post from IWD. This year will be different. Follow me on my various social media channels for posts about great organizations, articles, and facts regarding gender parity in the workplace and violence against women.

Twitter: @akaymayday
FB: Cheap Courage
IG: @CheapCourage


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