Do Less to Get More Done

Three years ago I made a note to myself in my journal. I had been reading something--an article or a book-- and wanted to boil down what I had read to a mantra. The entry says this: Work when you are working. Relax when you are relaxing. Write when you are writing. And it is …

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6 Books To Make You Feel Strong

Can you hear that? That's me sighing so deeply that the roof is rattling. The past two weeks have been trying, tiring, and... good for my character. Two weeks ago I received a promotion at my day job. This was a position that I had been chasing for two years relentlessly. And now it's here. …

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Create a New Story & Live It

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about meditation, mantras, and visualizing goals. I keep reading about mental blocks and holding yourself back from the things that you want and the things you deserve because of patterned thoughts and “stories”-- the things we tell ourselves to keep us from going for something. We tell …

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