Taking the Recommended Dosage of Chill Pills

When I was a kid my dad used to tell me that for every year that passes, the next one goes even faster. I knew he was right but it isn’t until you work full-time and your days are chopped and measured that you realize it. So of course I’ve been filling my days to make them slower and in turn make the weeks, months, and years slower too. And, yeah, it’s working but at the expense of my physical health. (Oops.)

In the past week alone I’ve leapt enough hurdles to qualify me for the summer olympics:

-Attended my first writing retreat
-Altered my view on my writing life and the writing projects I am focusing on
-Completed 365 days of writing
-Chopped my hair into an asymmetrical cut I probably won’t be able to maintain

And yet, here I sit, pissed off that I’m sick and in my apartment on a Saturday night. I’ve laid in bed for two days without any real symptoms… It’s exhaustion, I’m sure, so I’ve been forced to take time off from writing and exercise and all my other little goals. The universe is forcing me to take a chill pill. And it’s been alright. Ask my boyfriend and I’m sure he’ll tell you differently. I’m the worst patient in the world because I can’t relax.

But looking on the bright side of it all, I’ve been given some extra time to stew in my decisions and conclusions from the past seven full days:
– Taking time to write and for myself allows me to focus on what’s important (writing what I LOVE) and what’s not (writing to support myself)
– Non-fiction is where I will be focused, with a dash of poetry for fun
– Challenging yourself is all well and good but taking a break is pretty good too
– Take any risk you want, there isn’t a soul stopping you

They all still stand and are giving me new goals to work towards and new priorities to focus on. I’m so happy you’re all joining me for this journey and I’ll try to rest a little more once in awhile. (That’s kind of a lie but my Mom reads this so…)


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