Baby’s First (un)Workshop

This weekend I will go on my first writing retreat. As we know, it’s hard for me to believe that I am a “writer.” I sometimes feel like a cat in a dog suit. So this is my chance to finally believe myself.  I will be attending Highlights Foundation’s Unworkshop. I don’t quite remember what I Googled to find it (probably “retreats where I can hermit away in a cabin and be fed”), but when I did come across it, it won me over for THREE reasons.

1. It’s the cheapest retreat I could find out there. I’m on a tight budget as a 26-year-old living in Manhattan on fumes and good fortune, so affordability is a huge piece of my decision. Food is included and they will entertain a Celiac like me.

2. It’s both close by (4 hours by bus) and in the woods. There isn’t any cell reception so I’ll be fully lonely and forced to write or go insane.

3. There’s no workshopping! I will not be writing with my door open, as Stephen King says. I won’t be trying to impress anyone and I will be able to focus on my own projects and prompts. I still have the opportunity to be social in my own way over dinner and wine.

I’m nervous to go. I’ve never spent an entire weekend dedicated to my writing. I have a lot of distractions in my life and I write in very short bursts. Having a full Saturday in the woods is going to be a challenge. I am excited to see what I get out of it and will report back like a good soldier.

Anyone else out there attending this weekend? Has anyone been before?


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