A Road Trip, A Wedding, and Cheating on New York City

As I always say, I am a HUGE fan of using weddings as an excuse to travel. I always keep a little extra cash stored away for wedding invites so that I can always say yes. Not only do I get to see people that I love/miss/admire GET MARRIED but I can travel to fun new places or familiar old places and get a really great weekend out of the deal. This past weekend I went to Kennebunkport, Maine for the beautiful wedding of a dear high school friend of mine, Rachel, and her new husband, Jack.

Photo by Rachel Forbus. IG: @forbulous

The wedding was on a Sunday, which was actually nice for travel as it allowed me to work all day Friday, attend my Friday night class, and sleep in a teeny, tiny bit on Saturday. Alex, my best friend’s college roommate (who is now forced into being my friend as well), agreed to drive the three of us up. I was then able to slash plane tickets from my budget.

We decided to stop in Boston on Saturday to see old friends and to crash Beantown’s party. It was a perfect day to be there because the Yankess played the Sox, the Derby was on, and everyone was getting juiced for the fight later that night. I hate to say it, but I cheated on New York hard this day. I haven’t felt so relaxed in a very long time.

Alex went to see family so Kate and I just rolled with our gut feelings. Our first activity? MIMOSAS. It’s illegal in Boston for Happy Hour booze discounts but NOT for extended brunch. We hit up Globe Bar and Cafe where they had $5 mimosas until 4pm.

We also had waffle fries. #yas

After a couple of those, Kate’s amazing cousin played host to us on her rooftop near Fenway Park, the Citgo sign, and other general awesomeness. We had another high school friend meet us so we could enjoy the rooftop and grab dinner after the Derby to catch up. My horse lost but then we had awesome burgers at Audubon! No idea what it is like there immediately following a game, but after the Derby it was not crowded and super reasonable. I highly suggest it.

The drive up there, the entire day and night spent in Boston was so relaxed. I couldn’t get over how chilled out I felt! Was it because I was on a mini vacation or because I had escaped the confines of freakin’ NYC? Doesn’t matter. I felt awesome.

The next morning as we waited for Alex to pick us up, Kate and I went to Flour (her suggestion, because she is well-versed in the Boston way) to get gluten-free breakfast sandwiches. What’s the best way to recover from a night of g-free beer? Homemade g-free bread covered in eggs, cheese, bacon, and greens. Duh! It was a complete meal, filled me up until DINNER at the wedding, and was super cute too.

I like my food pics sort of porn-y.

On our way to the wedding we timed in about an hour for the Kittery Outlets. I used to do a lot of back-to-school shopping here as a kid and I was absolutely stunned to find that not much had changed… except that there was a LULULEMON outlet. Never heard of such a thing. I left with cute Nike booty shorts and J. Crew sunglasses that make me feel like a rockstar.

Then FINALLY came the wedding. Our main event! We had plenty of time when we got there but as soon as we glimpsed Rachel in her dress we got HUGE adrenaline rushes and ran to our room, picking up a college friend of Kate and Alex’s along the way, and we all got ready while we watched the wedding set-up outside our terrace window. Breathtaking views. Here is one!

The wedding was to the right of this.

The ceremony and our room were at the Nonantum Resort. This place is absolutely stunning and welcoming and totally deserves it’s NUMBER 1 spot on Trip Advisor for Kennebunkport. I put on my shoes that I had been nervous to buy and we were on our way. (The shoes would later become a hilarious highlight of my night as about 9 people asked me where they were from. One woman even offered to buy them off of my feet! Here is the link to buy the ever popular shoes!)

At the ceremony we ran into our friend Mark, a singer/songwriter/yoga guru in from LA. We caught up while reading our programs and admiring the super fun and cute sunglasses that were passed out. We also couldn’t get over the tiny lighthouse and golden harp set-up. Someone did indeed play the harp during the ceremony!

Harp & lighthouse.
Sunglasses passed out to everyone with the program.

Rachel looked beautiful coming down the aisle and I cried like my mom. I have officially become my mom. The words spoken during this ceremony were the truest I’ve heard at a wedding in a long time and I was deeply moved by them. After I put my tears away and we all were able to smile and hoot and holler, we made our way to cocktail hour while the wedding party took pictures. Jack and Rach had a custom cocktail made for everyone that I did taste. It was tropical and delicious. I stuck with classic vodka martinis for the night though. Too much sugar and I get weird.

Tropical and sexy.

There were more tears as Rachel played Mark’s song “Midas Touch” and shared a dance with him following the first dance and the father-daughter dance. I pretty much openly wept at this point and embarrassed myself. It was very powerful to see two people celebrating two HUGE, MONUMENTAL, LIFE-CHANGING events together. (The wedding and the song, which is on iTunes!)

After I cried and ate my delicious dinner we busted out our dance moves for the rest of the night and wrapped up much later at a local pub where I violently burnt the roof of my mouth eating spinach artichoke dip far too fast.

It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate with people who are very near and dear to my heart. Rachel and Jack had a beautiful wedding and I was so happy that they thought to include me in their special day. Please reach out if you have any questions about their wedding details at Nonantum! It is an amazing location and a beautiful inn. I want to take my boyfriend back for a romantic trip.

It was an added bonus that I was able to turn the weekend into a getaway where I got to eat, laugh, visit, drink, and relax in two places that I went to a lot as a child (Boston and Maine), but that I rarely get any time to visit now. I was reminded of how much my high school friends mean to me and how certain places will always feel like home. I guess we call that being in love. Sorry, New York.

Nonantum the morning I left.

4 thoughts on “A Road Trip, A Wedding, and Cheating on New York City

    1. Yes! Definitely get to Kennebunkport. I bet it’s amazing in summer! The little village has so many adorable stores.

      That’s so funny you were at Globe! Small world. 🙂


  1. I love all of the things about this post! I’m so sad that I wasn’t in Boston to hang with you ladies while you were here, but it makes so happy to hear that you had a great time! I guess that means you’ll need to come back soon… I also adore that Kate dragged you to Flour, it’s one of my favorites! Will need to try Audubon ASAP. xoxo


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