So the Truth Is…


When I started this blog two years ago (oh my god…) my original intention was to write about my life as a writer. It wasn’t long until I chickened out and decided that my approach was too boring, not pretty enough, and not enjoyable for anyone but myself. But now as I approach my two year anniversary I am realizing that is exactly what I need. A place to share frustrations and successes, to show other writers just how I put together my days (between a full-time job, a dog, freelance gigs, a social life, a rigorous fitness regimen) and make it work…. Sort of.

It’s important to me that I start holding myself accountable and start sharing the details of this crazy little life I’ve pieced together for myself. It’s important that I meet other writers who are going through the same things and have similar tips to offer to me. I’m extremely nervous to start doing this because despite my outgoing personality, I have a very deep fear of sharing the inner workings of my life.

But… I really do think that documenting this process will not only be beneficial to me but somewhat amusing and (inspiring….???) to you all as well.

I will continue to write my silly musings about life and love and growing up and struggling with feelings and all of that alongside these fun little insights into what it means to be a “writer”.

So to start, and this is me being really, really brave in a big embarrassing way, here is a current list of the things I’ve been dabbling in in my “freetime”.

A collection of micro nonfiction essays
A play
A possible spec script
Longer essays to submit to some literary magazines
Freelance blog writing for a food blog launching soon
Freelancing as a Writer’s Assistant for a memoirist
This Blog and its re-imagining

It’s a lot and really I would probably benefit from focusing on much less and getting them done faster, but it’s my nature to work a little and then move on to something different. I can’t sit still and neither can my mind, so by having a lot of irons in the fire I am able to have some fun while I work on these. Besides, aside from the freelancing, the end goal of these activities is not money or fame, but just to be creative. So I can work on them in anyway that I want. (And that’s pretty special.)


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