All The Shiny, Pretty Things…

My habit of trying new things? It isn’t always so cute. In fact it can be downright heartbreaking. On this blog I’ve always celebrated my need to break the mold, try new classes, and learn new things. I’ve highlighted how this serves me in life and shared some of my cooler endeavors. But I can’t own a blog with the word ‘Courage’ in it if I don’t share the shitty part of this trait personality disorder too. Lately the shiny, pretty things have been ruining my progress on anything REAL.

I work, work, work on a single thing and then not only do I get a little bit bored (shhh) but I also burn out. Remember the post I wrote about sobbing everywhere? (By everywhere I mean: subways, apartments, offices, gyms, and riverwalks.) That was the result of a burnout (and possible mental instability). There is just so much that I want to do! So many shiny things to grab!

But all the grabbing needs to stop for a couple of months so I can focus on a couple SUPER special things that have the potential to change the way I live my life. Now, aren’t those the types of things that deserve a little time and energy? They include… revamping this blog, getting into a new workout routine, and entering some writing contests that I like.

It turns out that I don’t need a crazy long list! I’ve always liked having one and I’ve always liked splitting my attention. As always (and you can tease me for this) I turn to astrology. The stars tell me I have these kinds of problems because I am a Sagittarius. I’ve pasted the very accurate and official diagram here for you so you can see for yourself.

Please note that I am RESTLESS, UNREALISTIC, ALOOF, and BLINDLY OPTIMISTIC. Have you ever seen a worse combination of traits in a person? That basically means I shoot my cute little arrow, not at a target, but at some far distant shiny dream in the sky. I figure it will go somewhere good and if I’m lucky, it won’t fall down and hit me in my DEMANDING and OVER-CONFIDENT little head. (Full disclosure: this is the bad traits collage. A good traits collage exists as well and you can certainly Google both for your own sign.)

As a way to combat some of my less-than-perfect traits, I’m going to try and cook up some good tactics for overcoming them. There are a lot of Sags and Sag Wannabes out there that need this assistance as well, so if you’re nice, I’ll share them here too. And hey, any tips? See my want ad below.

SEEKING: Focus tactics. And I’m not talking working on a single task for hours at a time. I can do that. I’m talking about sticking with a goal, an endeavor, a PLAN. The longterm scary stuff. Send your tips my way please and I’ll probably feature them on my next blog. Lord knows I need all the help I can get!


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