A Dinner Party and a Publication

Every Wednesday I update you on my writing and what I’ve accomplished (if anything at all) in the past blanketweek.

I had a big weekend. The most exciting was the dinner party I attended to celebrate the official publication of Blanket Stories, an anthology of poetry for which I served as juror. I assisted the editor in the poetry selection reading each and every poem submitted several times. She and I along with a third juror spent weeks e-mailing yes, no, and maybe responses into a tidy, shared excel spreadsheet. Occasionally we would disagree, e-mailing back and forth to finally narrow them all down.

It’s the first book to be published (meaning it has an actual ISBN number) with my name in it! Just flip to acknowledgements and have yourself a squeal. That is, after you buy it off Amazon of course.

I also spent time this weekend interviewing a photographer and writing the accompanying article for Anon Magazine. That should go up this week so keep an eye out on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.


This week I’m focusing on getting something out for City Ella and researching some more freelance blog options. I must get back to my non-fiction and poetry soon, but for now I am dabbling in the web. My vacation next weekend should give me time to empty my mind and be creative.

Just curious… how do you keep yourself creative when all we do these days is spend time on computers and the web?




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