“Stay weird. Stay different.”


Sometimes I write shit to myself on post-it notes. And then I tear them up and throw them away. But today I was sitting here thinking about how I had NOTHING to offer this week on the blog (brain is frying) when I thought, “Just share the post-it. Post-its look cool once they’re scanned.” I’m realizing that no, they do not look cool when scanned, they look kind of crappy, but the sentiment is there. And in a couple of sentences you’ll know where my brain is at.

I’m still trying to teach myself that failing is ok. And that I should keep trying. I was really inspired by Graham Moore at the Oscars on Sunday. He won for best adapted screenplay with The Imitation Game. He looked young so I IMDB’d him on Monday morning and found out that he wrote a NY Times bestselling book a few years ago. He was born in 1981.

1981 and he has a bestselling book AND an Oscar. In terms of quantity, his Hollywood bio is pretty bare, a few credits here and there but nowhere near the pedigree I was expecting. So how do you get an Oscar and a bestseller by the time you’re 33 years old?

He says he wrote everyday from 10-6 and wore a jacket so that he felt as if he was “at work.”

That is A LOT of practice. That is a lot of scraps of paper and hated chapters and failed screenplays. It is A LOT of time. He worked after these sessions, to pay bills, and apparently slept very little. It is an impressive use of his time and makes my couple of hours a night pale in comparison. I have a new hero. Screw traditional paths to success! He wanted something and worked and repeated until he got it.

I think it’s time for me to accept a couple of failures. There are a few pieces I want to re-write but I think it’s best I tuck them away for awhile. They just aren’t that great. They are pieces with which I was experimenting on form, or using to teach myself about writing. They are learning pieces and it’s ok for them to be that. I need to keep working, keep creating, and honing my craft. (I hate using the word craft, but what else gets the point across as well as it does?)

To put it as my mother would, I need to “stop beating a dead horse.”

On to Step 4!


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