Get After It: Poetry Submissions for May and June

Here’s a round up of all the great magazines and sites you can submit poetry to for the rest of May and all of June. I’ll be doing a few of these myself. I’m excited to take poetry seriously again!

If you get any acceptances from these later on, let me know so I can feature it!


1. Into the Teeth of the Wind – Deadline: Rolling

What They Say: Into the Teeth of the Wind is a student-run poetry review sponsored by the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While we accept great poetry of any kind, we are particularly receptive to poems about people, poems concerned with identity, weird poems, and poems that take risks with form.

What I Say: CCS has had some rocky times over the past two years with its Literature major. They’ve overcome them and are accepting new undergrads in 2016. I want to support the students there sticking out the drama by submitting work to their mag. Plus, they also want WEIRD POEMS. I love a place that will put ‘weird’ in their submission guidelines. I am in.


2. The Aurorean – Deadline: August 15th

What They Say: We seek your original poetry that is inspirational, meditational and regional (pertaining to the Northeast). Although these are our focus, we are open to subject matter as well as varied forms and style. We evaluate poetry on several levels including its skillful use of poetic craft; its ability to hold interest, and its layers of meaning. We do not publish anything hateful, overly religious or vulgar. We use very few rhyming or love poems. We are especially interested in positiveness, recovery and nature, as well as haiku.

What I Say: This is one I would love to submit to, but you have to live in New England 6+ months out of the year. This ex-New Englander sadly no longer fits the bill, but if you do, get yourself to the submission page. I’d love to see your work in this one!

3. The Prompt – Deadline: Rolling

What They Say: We here at the prompt are not soulless machines. We at the prompt are creative individuals just as you are. As such, our goal is to foster a community of writers, and to provide a place for work that often has no place in a traditional literary magazine because of its form or function. As writers and instructors of writing, we have all found ourselves with work that came from workshops, random exercises, and desperate attempts to find our voices. Some of this is pretty darned good, too. Unfortunately, anything that looks too much like it came from an exercise, prompt, or other such “mechanical” source gets relegated by editors to that pile with a sticky note on top that says “too workshoppy.”

What I Say: Hell yeah. I love places with schticks. I am such a lover of schticks! It’s hard to standout in the world and they found their little corner. Grab a prompt, write a piece, polish the shit out of it, and submit. This will be a fun one.

Blue Ruckus 300
4. Third Wednesday – Deadline: Rolling

What They Say: Third Wednesday is the outgrowth of a monthly writer’s workshop begun by a group of poets who meet at an Ann Arbor, Michigan, bookstore every third Wednesday. We recognize that the need for another literary anthology is moot, but feel the importance of publishing the work of today’s modern creative minds is inarguable. All types of poetry are welcome, from formal to experimental. Emphasis is placed on the ideas conveyed, craft and language, beauty of expression, and the picture that extends beyond the frame of the poem. Quality is paramount. No previously published poems, please. Send up to five poems, no more than three pages total.

What I Say: I can’t get over this adorable site and the great work they publish. It was developed from a Writer’s Group, which I think is the best place to start. It has organic and humble beginnings and I would never feel that my work wouldn’t be taking seriously. They’re all writers!

Those are my picks for May and June, let me know if you’ll be submitting to any! I’ll be back soon with my summer picks so of you know of or run a literary magazine that’s looking for submissions, send them my way in the comments. I’d love to take a look and feature it on my next round-up.


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