We Do A Lot. (And We Should Say Thank You.)

love2Today was a hard day.

But I had it in my planner that I had to write a new blog post.

And so here I am.

I tried for an hour to come up with a reasonable post topic. And in that hour I took the dog out for the night, made my lunch for the week, put on a face mask, did the dishes, and swept my floor because I got cauliflower everywhere while I was cooking. The rice is still cooling while I type. And no topic came to me except for the one flowing from my fingers right now. Which I am realizing is this: We Do A Lot.

Most of my readers are people like me. Dreamers, doers, fighters, and believers. We put effort into every single day because we don’t know how else to live. We make plans and follow them. We make plans and change them for better ones. We do more everyday in hopes that our lives will get better, that a stroke of luck will come our way and we’ll be ready to pounce on it. We do a lot and we’re never gentle on ourselves.

Today I cooked an elaborate breakfast for a man I’m seeing, walked my dog, tidied my apartment, went to my day job, walked my dog again, went back to work, ran some errands, worked out, had dinner, started drafting a freelance blog post, and then came the whole list I opened with. I’m not listing this to brag (at least not right now because sometimes I do like to brag), I am listing it because it sounds like a lot. It is a lot and yet, I found myself, while washing the dishes thinking:

You’re so pathetic. What an unproductive day. You won’t even attempt to draft a blog. How lazy can you get?

And on and on until I dragged myself in here to begin. We do so much and we never say “thank you” to ourselves. I hardly ever thank my body for working out everyday, thank my mind for getting me through a challenging day at work, thank my resolve for maintaining side gigs. I just keep pushing.

Of course, it is this desire to push that gets everything done. The will that pushes me to move ahead, to work harder and smarter, and get more done and find more to do. The desire that I love in me and that I am sure you love in you, my fellow Doers.

But every once in awhile wouldn’t it be nice to say “thank you”? To acknowledge just how much we do instead of always seeing ourselves as falling short? Just to say “thank you” could change our whole perception of how we see ourselves and the work that we do.

We do a lot. And sometimes not doing it all is okay, too. I just wanted to remind you (me) of that today. love



2 thoughts on “We Do A Lot. (And We Should Say Thank You.)

  1. Reenie

    I wanted you to know how proud of you I am!! I love reading your blogs your words truly mean a lot to me. You always can express yourself so well and it gives me a good insight to my own feelings that I just cannot express so well myself. You have such a great way with words and feelings I always admire this about you among other things. You are a wonderful writer and quite honest you say what you feel and I love that about you as always. You are a very special young lady I love you for being who you are .. Thank you for being in my life and thank you for your mom having come into my life!! Without her I would have never met you!!


  2. Reenie

    I love reading your blogs every time I do it reminds me of how important you are to me . You always say the things that I never can quite express the way that I would like to do❤️ Your words really makes me think about my own life and I thank you for that!! You are a very special intelligent caring loving young woman! Thank you !! Love you tons .. Never change be you!!


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