So You’re Being a Brat, Let’s Fix That

Is it just me or was last week totally… restless? I’ve been a brat all week and I can’t tell what’s causing it. I don’t want to blame Mercury, I don’t want to blame the weather, I don’t want to blame February, I don’t want to blame work. There’s just something in the air that has made everyone, including me, freakin’ crabby.

I know we’re in the real thick of it. The holidays are now long gone, and summer feels so far away, and our resolutions are already making us feel… tired. It’s hard to continue. Even I’m tired and crabby and a total brat and I always have energy. But we’re going to stop that right now. Me. And you. Yes, that’s right. I’m going to just reach down there and pull your bootstraps up for you because that’s what friends do. When I’m done with you, do you mind helping me with mine? It’s time to wake up and get with the program.

See? He could use some help.

With that, I’m challenging you to TWO activities. I know, you’re thinking who is this chick challenging ME?! It’s me. Amanda. I’m annoying as shit, I know. That’s why I have so many friends! I designed the below templates to wake your ass up this February. These are made to be downloaded (Right Click, Save Image As…), printed, and pasted inside your journals and planners.

The first asks you to write down 3 things that you’re thankful for this month. Not generic, always thankful for my mom stuff either. Make it specific to the month. Reflect on the good that has come from the past 15 days. This will put your head in a warm fuzzy space where My Little Ponies and Troll Dolls play.

Thankful As Hell

The second is a reassessment of your New Year’s Resolutions or Goals. (I don’t resolve, I goal-set.) There’s space for three goals but it’s ok if you have less and it’s ok if you have more. Print it out 8 times for all I care! Write your goals down and be honest with yourself. Is it still important to you? How have you worked toward it in the past 6 weeks? How can you work towards it in the next 6 weeks? Make 2 mini-goals that will get you there.

Goal Diggers

Goals are not wishes. They aren’t dreams. And they definitely aren’t free. I know it’s cold. I know we’re tired. I know there is no glitz or glam to look forward to, but I am telling you if we can stick it out for the next couple of months, amazing things will happen. 1) We’ll be proud of ourselves and 2) It’ll be fucking summer, baby!


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