4 Times a Newbie

Here I am, reporting back from the front line of trying new things. Once I promised to report back on the new things I try, I was worried that I would miss the mark and live a boring week with nothing to say. I was tempted to fill my calendar with ridiculous activities but decided that I should let it all happen naturally. Just do me, as they say. Happy to report I tried four new things this week and if I was doing formal reviews, I’d recommend them all. The list is below. Click through to read about each one in detail.

I worked out with a personal trainer.
I started dry brushing.
I went to opening night of a play.
I attended a Yale/Harvard game. 

Sweaty selfies are the best!

1. I worked out with a personal trainer. 

In all the years I’ve been working out–running, lifting, pilates-ing, yoga-ing– I’ve never spent the money or time to meet with someone who’s trained to train. I joined a new gym (Blink) and with your very cheap membership you get one free session to try, so I figured, why waste it? And I signed up. I met with K at the Bryant Park location at 7:30 in the morning last Wednesday. We were introduced, I dump my 15 hundred bags, and met him by the elliptical. I warmed up for 4 minutes while we talked about my goals.

I want to maintain what I’ve worked for and I want someone to correct my form with certain movements because I know they absolutely suck. So that’s what we did. We worked on staples and basics (think: push-ups, squats, assisted chin-ups etc.) and he helped me to feel the correct positioning. I was a total fan. I wasn’t nervous to meet with him, but more worried that it wouldn’t be beneficial. I was wrong and I think I will be signing up for a few more sessions with him to correct all of my bad movements before moving on to working out alone again.

To go: www.blinkfitness.com // Monthlies start @ $25 right now w/ free session to start.

No new friends. Except for this guy.

2. I started dry brushing.  If you haven’t heard of dry brushing yet, you probably will. It’s kind of a hippie-dippie beauty movement that’s making the rounds. The benefits are numerous, which I’ll get into, but the number one reason I picked it up as a new thing is because my skin was so dry, I thought I was going to disappear into one big flake. If you know me, its really difficult to pick up a new beauty habit. (Hint: t’s because I don’t care.) But now that my skin is getting old and flaky and its February… it’s time. And it’s time to care. So I started.

Other benefits supposedly include: stimulation of the lymphatic system (releasing toxins that may be built up in there), increased circulation (more detoxing), reduced cellulite (from mixing the fat deposits around to spread evenly), stress relief (like a massage or meditation), and it feels good (like scratching a giant itch). I’ll have to report back on the cellulite one, it seems a little farfetched and can take up to a month to see results. Everything else seems right on the money so far. It does feel freaking awesome, my skin is glowing a bit more, the dry skin is making its exit and my skin responds to lotion better. So far, I’m a fan! You’re supposed to do it twice a day but I only do it before I shower. I don’t have time for that shit.

To Buy: VitaminShoppe.com // I got myself a cheaper version @ CVS.

3. I went to opening night of a play. I’ve attended a lot of opening nights of high school and college shows, hell I’ve even been IN an opening night. But in all my time in New York, I’ve never been to opening night of a professional play. I have to thank Jeff for this one, as he managed to score us tickets to opening night of The Iceman Cometh at BAM last week. The show did an extended run in Chicago in 2012, but this was the New York premiere so I am counting it. It was long as hell at 4 hours and 45 minutes, but amazing and exhilarating and beautifully done. Wonderful experience that reminds me of why I live in NYC. I forget sometimes…

To Go: Bam.org // Orchestra Tickets start @ $132

IMG_5834 IMG_5833

4. I attended a Yale/Harvard game. Instead of bundling up on my couch, or going to a nearby bar, I ventured out of the city on Saturday to go watch the Yale/Harvard game. New Haven is a good 1 hour and 45 minute train ride out, but I wanted to do something different and shake up my winter routine. It feels like I’ve been in hibernation for weeks. My high school was hosting a little section. We have 6 alums that play, 3 on each team, so we were able to cheer for both sides. It was surprisingly challenging to support both sides and a little confusing.

Harvard won by 2. I had my picture taken with the Yale Bulldog. I enjoyed a nice train ride with friends and a yummy dinner at a cute little restaurant on Yale’s campus. I’ve been to New Haven a gazillion times on the train, but never to Yale. It was beautiful and a nice way to shake up a drab winter weekend.

To Go: GoCrimson.com // The two teams match up again on March 6th @ Harvard. Tickets not on sale yet, but typically run from $10-$30.

IMG_5850 IMG_5853

Not bad for my first week! Especially amongst all my other activities and boring-ness I must tend to throughout the week. I recommend doing all of these things if you’re looking for good things to do for yourself or for fun. I think branching out and trying new things is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in this life. You’ll never know if you don’t try it once!

Here’s to hoping next week’s re-cap is as solid.


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